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4/8/2009 3:53:00 PM

USAIM is an recognized Medical Institute located in Seychelles where students and faculty from 12 different counties are studying and teaching in the panoramic island. The University follows the American Medical Curriculum based on the USMLE pattern of examinations. Presently we are looking for the following faculty members. Microbiology/Immunology; PSM - Preventive and Social Medicine; Pathology; and Anatomy. Minimum Qualification: The candidates must have a recognized M.D. Postgraduate degree or PhD in the respective field with some teaching experience. Fresh PG’s who have a commitment for teaching are encouraged to apply. Compensation Package: University offers competitive salary in USD and other benefits. Contact Information: A complete CV mentioning the personal, academic and professional details with the names of two references with their contact details can be sent by courier, post, or e-mail to Attention: Professor Rana Shinde, USAIM, PO Box 1195, Victoria Mahe, Seychelles. Phone: +248371374 Fax: +248371486 E-mail:

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