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The novel idea of starting a medical school for the African region which can cater to the entire world market originated in the mind of Dr. Fauzia S. Alkhairy. She perceived the need for quality medical education in the African region, based on the American medical curriculum. This would fill the gap in the shortage of medical graduates and at the same time empower graduates to pursue their career in any part of the world. With a fast increasing world population and consequent increase in aged population, medical and allied fields are going to be in huge demand.


In the year 2000 Dr. Alkhairy embarked on an exciting  journey with knowledge, dedication and excellence. Since then USAIM has completed 16 years as an institution of higher education in Seychelles. Bringing an institution from conception to living reality is a demanding and absorbing undertaking, and perhaps especially so for one that chose to face the complexities of building a medical college at the outset. Only after several years of detailed planning and preparation was it possible for the rapid development of this medical college to come about as an institution of quality, relevance and originality.

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